Thursday, January 05, 2006

Why create a blog in the first place?

Why create a blog? Good question, because with some exceptions I generally hate blogs and believe that as a category they are overhyped and over-represented in search. Yet my business is the internet, and I have to understand what's going on out there. Blogs are long past qualifying as "what's going on."

So today I read this article about managing your own brand:

Of course, if you've ever looked me up or visited my family web site at, you'd know that I've been managing the ableman "brand" for a long time. I just thought "what else can I do?" How else can I ensure dominant positioning of the brand? So I signed up here. At least nobody else will take my name.

Will I actually start to post regularly? I doubt it.

Will I use this as a place to learn and play with seo? Possibly.

More to follow ...maybe


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